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Ireland in Charlotte Brontë’s Villette
Julie Donovan
Irish University Review. Volume 44, Issue 2, Page 213-233, ISSN 0021-1427, Available Online November 2014 .

Ireland has been examined as a focus in Charlotte Brontë’s oeuvre, but not in a sustained discussion about how Ireland pertains to Brontë’s 1853 novel, Villette. This essay seeks to address an oversight in the current scholarship by analyzing how Ireland insinuates itself into the more obvious continental setting of Brontë’s text, taking as a starting point a significant encounter between Brontë’s heroine, Lucy Snowe, and an Irishwoman named Mrs Sweeny. As Lucy vanquishes Mrs Sweeny in order to rise, Brontë sets in train a number of oblique narratives demonstrating how Ireland remains contiguous to Villette's preoccupation with the probing of national allegiances.
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