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The Brontë Society president, Bonnie Greer is trying to implement her recently expressed wishes to increase the collaboration of the Society and local organisations and business. In Keighley News:
Brontë Society president Bonnie Greer has pledged to work with Haworth organisations and local politicians on future projects.
She this week told the Keighley News that such partnerships would help make the most of three upcoming Brontë bicentenaries. (...)
Ms Greer, a playwright and novelist, said she and her Advisory Group hoped to team up with whoever wanted to work with them on the “exciting” events.
She said this was an expression of her support for the Brontë Society Council, museum staff and leadership team.
She added “This is also an expression of support for those who are looking towards the future - and not back at the past - as we build towards a key cultural event.”
Ms Greer made her comments following a turbulent few months for the Brontë Society as its members clashed over the direction of the 120-year-old organisation.
Some critics demanded the society work more closely with the Haworth community.
Ms Greer subsequently set up her advisory group with expert members including a BBC Radio director, and said she hoped to add a handful of local residents and.
She said she wanted to boost visitor numbers to Haworth and “make it buzz all year round”.
John Huxley, chairman of Haworth, Stanbury and Cross Roads Parish Council, welcomed the chance to work with the Brontë Society and Ms Greer for the good of the village.
But he pointed out that in recent years the Brontës had been joined by other major attractions in the village, such as the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Haworth Festival and the 1940s weekend.
He said: “Everything needs to be integrated. A vibrant Brontë Society working in conjunction with other event organisers in the community would obviously be an asset.” (David Knights)
The wonders of a box set in Los Angeles Times:
The best box sets are their own worlds, aural encapsulations so fully imagined that five or six hours becomes something to get lost in, like a Brontë sisters bender or a Martin Scorsese weekend. (Randall Roberts)
Kitap Gurmesi interviews the writer Kimberly Freeman:
There are boks that everyone's life is affected. Do you have books to read you didn't give up on you ?And this book have helped your novel ?
I have read a lot of books and all of them have affected me and my writing in different ways. One very important book for me has been Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. It has a great central female character.
onceudigital (Spain) reviews Wuthering Heights; Les Soeurs Brontë posts a particularly sad moment of Jane Eyre: Christmas in Gateshead. EDIT: Yesterday, December 13, France 3 TV (France) broadcast an episode of Un livre, toujours devoted to Wuthering Heights .


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