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Decider explains why 'Ruth Wilson is an acting genius' (with which affirmation we wholeheartedly agree, by the way).
I should back up and say that I’ve been a massive fan of Wilson’s since 2006. I managed to catch her performance in the BBC’s production of Jane Eyre and was spellbound by how she not only fully inhabited the classic character, but found a new angle on her. Sometimes Jane can be depicted as an accidental heroine. She just so happens to be abused by her aunt, she just so happens to survive the horrors of Lowell school, she just so happens to fall into being a governess, and she just so happens to fall in love with her brooding employer…
Jane Eyre is smart, artsy, and plain, but she is not as retiring as many audiences — and actresses — think she is. There’s a reason why she and Mr. Rochester are matches. and it’s because there is a dark fire in her. She is a phoenix trapped in the body of a wren. Ruth Wilson understands this and that’s how she played her.
Of course, one good performance in a BBC miniseries does not an outstanding actress make, but Wilson has been consistently good in role after role. She lit up AMC’s The Prisoner and survived the mess that was The Lone Ranger. She can play smart and sexy, good and evil. (Meghan O'Keefe)
Writer Scarlet Blackwell picks Wuthering Heights as one of 'three books on my keeper shelves' for USA Today's Happy Ever After.
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. I've read this book maybe five times or more. I guess I'm attracted to the anti-hero Heathcliff and I shamelessly admit he's the role model for all my heroes. Dark, dangerous and delicious. No one can say they've truly read romance until they've read this book.
Mallory Ortberg's Texts from Jane Eyre makes it onto the list of the best comedy books of 2014 compiled by The Washington Post. Hathaways of Haworth wonders whether Branwell Brontë was bipolar.

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  1. She is a phoenix trapped in the body of a wren.

    Indeed, just like Jane's creator!