Sunday, November 23, 2014

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The latest number of the digitally-released comic Batman 66 (Chapter #47, The Osiris Virus, DC Comics) contains an unexpected Brontë reference. The archvillain Bookworm has no less than a Emily Brontë-saurus (run by a Heathcliff 1 computer?) and entraps Batman and Robin in a gigantic Wuthering Heights volume:
Ha! Ha! What pleasure it gives me to look down to my enemies from such Wuthering Heights.
I bid you adieu, caped crusaders... for you will surely not survive the footfall of my Emily Brontë-saurus!
Script : Jeff Parker
Letters: Wes Abbott
Art & Colors: Scott Kowalchuk
Cover: Michael & Laura Allred
Comics Alliance adds:

One of the great things about the current Batman ’66 comic is that it allows for set pieces that the TV show never could’ve budgeted for — the latest issue involves Bookworm’s Wuthering Heights-themed robotic dinosaur, the Emily Brontësaurus, and the very first story involved Batman gliding through the air to chase down the Riddler’s airplane. (Chris Sims)


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