Thursday, October 02, 2014

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An ongoing crowdfunding campaign Brontë-related and based in Haworth:

Building a Better E-book by Enhanced Classics

Campaign Overview
Enhanced Classic readers will get lost in a good book as authors such as the Brontës, Dickens, and Austen come to life.

Enhanced Classics

Enhanced Classics is developing the technology to create an app to enhance the reading of classic literature. An Enhanced Classic e-book will include high-quality video of interviews with literary scholars and historians; slide shows of locations, people or fashions of the time and audio of period music or dialects. Insertion of this material at appropriate points within the text of the novel allows the reader to have an instant connection between the novel and an author’s life. Our app will also include extras such as bibliographies, interactive maps and timelines showing important historical or personal events during an author’s lifetime.

The first edition of Enhanced Classics is Jane Eyre: An Autobiography by Charlotte Brontë.
Complete details here.


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