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One of the sketch (and solo) shows at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival contains a couple of Brontë jokes. Lizzy Mace's show Overlooked:
La Favorita Freestival
6pm (60 minutes) | 1-25 August (not Tues 5, 12, 19) | FREE [Donations]
Cowgatehead Space 3, 65 Cowgate, EH1 1JW (venue #32)

A roll-call of the small

Did you know there was a fourth bear living in the house that Goldilocks broke into? Remember when that children’s TV show with the sock puppets got cancelled and the presenter took herself hostage live on air? Did Emily Brontë really pen all those novels or was there a forgotten writing partner providing all her ideas? And what are they all doing now?
The reviews are not unanimous. Broadway World likes it:
A one-woman character comedy isn't an easy feat but Lizzy Mace is a confident and engaging performer. Her range of accents is impressive and costume changes are far from seamless- but that's part of the charm. There are a lot of laughs to be had, even at her abysmal fruit related puns. Well, especially at her abysmal fruit related puns.
Overlooked is a great way to spend an hour and manages to be both totally endearing and utterly bonkers. (Natalie O'Donoghue)
And Chortle... well, let's say that the reviewer is not so happy about it:
 ‘It is acknowledged truth universally acknowledged…’ opens the first scene, acknowledging Jane Austen’s famous opening line. However, this character is actually supposed to be Emily Brontë’s ghostwriter, which just seems like sloppiness from the off. If the mix-up is a joke, no reference is made to it. (...)
Mace is a reasonably versatile actor, inhabiting these underwritten characters convincingly. But they have no subtext, few quirks, and scarcely any gags, leaving them not nearly interesting nor funny enough for us want to spend much time with them. (Steve Bennett)


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