Sunday, August 31, 2014

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The Bluefield Daily Telegraph on a local bookstore:
Rachel Parsons can be found most weekdays in her bookstore, Dayfly Books and Collectibles, on Mercer Street. She sells books that range from slightly used contemporary novels to Latin school books with stained brown pages. (...)
Parsons does more than sell vintage copies of “Jane Eyre” from her shop on Mercer Street. (Christopher Clay)
Embelezzia (in Spanish) talks about the new autumn-winter collection by UGG:
Leah Larson, la directora creativa de la firma, animó a su equipo de diseñadores a encontrar temas en la literatura, en sus personajes y en las historias para fundirlas con los diseños de UGG. El resultado es una colección que rinde tributo a los vendedores y anticuarios de libros y a sus d favoritos (desde Jane Eyre a Christopher Robin). (María SJB) (Translation
An alert from the Decatur AJC  Book Festival 2014 (Decatur, GA). The company Dad's Garage Theatre is doing improvisations like this one:
Nadia Mathews gets love advice from Emily Dickinson and Emily Brontë at the 2014 AJC Decatur Book Festival.
Boa Informação talks about Wuthering Heights 1992. Kelanjo devotes a post to Emily's by De Luca Boutique, the bistro that opened at the Brontë Birthplace in Thornton. But take care before reading it. When you open it you will need imperatively to visit the place.


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