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French sites are now starting to peek into what's coming during the Tour de France Grand Départ. This is what you can't miss of stage 2 according to PagTour.
Plus à l'ouest, Silsden, Keighley et Haworth se trouvent au cœur du pays des Sœurs Brontë. C'est là que les auteures les plus célèbres de leur génération ont vécu et trouvé l'inspiration pour leurs romans mondialement connus. A Haworth, la maison dans laquelle elles ont grandi a été transformée en musée, le Brontë Parsonage. (Translation)
The Times tells about how the Tour de France came to choose Yorkshire for its Grand Départ.

Asbury Park Press tells the story of one Mary Ellis and her grave:
For the past 186 years, Mary Ellis has resided on what she probably thought would always be a stately piece of property overlooking the scenic Raritan River.
In actuality though, Mary had been monopolizing a prime parking space for just the better part of the 20th century. The legend of how poor Mary came to rest beneath the asphalt of the Loews Theater parking lot on Route 1 in New Brunswick is a romantic and ultimately tragic story, not unlike a Brontë novel.
Première (France) comments on a recent sighting of Keira Knightley:
Ni flop, ni top, mais bof, à force de jouer des ladies de la noblesse british du XVIIIe siècle, Keira Knightley confond fiction et réalité et se balade dans les rues de New York avec une robe chichiteuse toute en borderie anglaise qui semble tout droit sortie d'un placard des Sœurs Brontë. (MC) (Translation)
Caitlin Moran tells about her heroes in The Times Magazine and mentions Jane EyreRevista Galileu (Brazil) has a short story on the Brontës' juvenilia based on the recent one published by Harvard Gazette. Impressive Magazine has a short article on the Brontës. Girl Seeks Place reviews the novel Braving the Brontës, which is part of the Carly Keene, Literary Detective series by Katherine Rue.

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  1. I use to go to the Route 1 Flea Market (before it was a Loews Theater) and have seen Mary Ellis's Grave many times.