Sunday, May 04, 2014

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Cover Illustration by H.R. Giger
The latest album of the Swiss extreme metal band Triptykon, Melana Chasmata, contains a track which pays homage to Emily Brontë:

7. In the Sleep of Death.
Emily, why don't you speak to me
Can't you see, I'm not sleeping
Emily, why don't you reveal yourself
Can't you feel my yearning
Emily, the rays of the golden sun
Touch your tender skin, your frozen skin
Emily, this gentle morning chill
Silenced a voice within, your voice within
Emily, you were the blood in my veins
Emily, why did you abandon me
Emily, how long may this dismal moment last
Here in this world was your life
Emily, how can I find serenity
This is the very ground you walked upon (Source)
Metal-fi doesn't love very much the song, though:
Unfortunately, “In The Sleep Of Death,” the album’s tribute to English author and poet Emily Brontë, is a real stumbling block, with a whiny vocal delivery that quickly becomes grating. (Dave)


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