Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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USA Today's Happy Ever After has writer Eleanor Moran share her top 10 love stories. One of which is
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
Lots of the great romances have heroes who are total arses, and this book is no exception. Heathcliff's a world of trouble and Cathy's not much better, but you'd have to have a heart of stone to not be transported by their torturous romance. No wonder Kate Bush thought it ballad worthy. (Joyce Lamb)
The Daily Princetonian interviews a sophomore tennis player:
DP: What’s been the best class you’ve taken at Princeton?
EH: ENG 345, with Jeff Nunokawa. 19th Century Fiction. I liked his lectures a lot. He was always very interesting.
DP: From that class or any other, what’s been your favorite book that you’ve read here?
EH: Probably Jane Eyre, in 19th Century Fiction. I had never actually read it. So I got a chance to and then write a paper about it. It was one of my favorite books. (Andrew Steele)
I Am Writer... Hear Me Roar! posts about Jane Eyre while A Liberated Life discusses 'Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë and Free Will'. Effusions of Wit and Humour reviews the 1983 adaptation of the novel. The Brussels Brontë Blog recommends the local exhibition Vivre au Quartier Royal 1800-2000 Du Coudenberg au Mont des Arts at the BELvue museum, where there are images of the Quartier Royal Charlotte and Emily knew. The Brontë Parsonage Blog has a review of Red Room: New Short Stories Inspired by the Brontës. The Brontë Parsonage Facebook page shares a picture of the sampler Emily Brontë finished when she was 9 and also the news of the installation of ' two new interactive kiosks in our exhibition room' as well as a museum app in the making.


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