Friday, March 14, 2014

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The Lady Magazine reviews the Sally Cookson's Jane Eyre adaptation performed in Bristol:
One of the biggest assets of the piece is undoubtedly the accompanying musical score, which gives prominence to the remarkable script. The singer, the outstanding Melanie Marshall, is also revealed as Rochester’s lunatic wife, Bertha Mason, in a twist that unites the performers further and to great eff ect.
Most of the cast play a multitude of characters, from villains and young French children to dogs and horses. The range of each is exceptional and captivating – and as a company they are extraordinarily tight.
Madeleine Worrall as Jane is exceptional throughout. From a newborn baby, to an angstridden child at Gateshead and Lowood, to her adult years at Thornfield and her tumultuous relationship with Rochester, her subtle changes in voice and stance are fascinating. As her aunt says, ‘I never saw such a plague of passion’.
Of Jane Eyre, this may be true. But this production’s passion is our pleasure. (Sarah Fortescue)
By the way the Old Bristol Vic announces that:
Fri 21 March 5pm
Due to popular demand, we’ve added an extra marathon performance to our Jane Eyre schedule.
On Friday 21 March we will now be showing both parts of Jane Eyre consecutively from 5pm with a short break in between.
The Telegraph reviews The Unexpected Professor: an Oxford Life in Books by John Carey:
Just as arresting, however, are the waspish dismissals, delivered with an ex cathedra bravura. Spenser, for example, gets a thumbs down for his “prurience and preaching”, while Don Quixote is written off as “boring and hateful” and Wuthering Heights proves “unexpectedly tiresome”. (Rupert Christiansen)
In other scholarly matters, The National Law Review looks at Mental Illness And The Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act Of 2008 and mentions in passing that,
 Literature, as well as history, is full of the insane or the undesirable people locked away from sight, like Rochester’s wife in Jane Eyre – the madwoman in the attic. (Stephanie Jade Ridella)
The Roar (Australia) has a sports article on AFL and concludes that
at this rate, we’ll get there to see Richmond versus the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, celebrating Canada Day with a summer solstice reggae reimagining of Jane Eyre. (Geoff Lemon)
Toute la culture (France) is giving away 5 copies of the French DVD edition of Jane Eyre 1944.

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