Thursday, February 27, 2014

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The York Brontë Group meets today, February 27 at the Brigantes Bar & Brasserie:
February 27

Friendly informal group discussing the real Wuthering Heights: Will the Real Wuthering Heights Please Stand Up. Come and join us and find out. It may have been closer than you think!
And next month:
March 27
2.00 PM
A discussion about teaching and learning the Brontës will be led by Belinda Hakes who is Head of English at Wyke College.
The first talk took place last month and was described like this at the Brontë Parsonage Blog:
The first, very informal get-together, began with a very short talk about laudanum and other common nineteenth century remedies. The discussion which followed widened to cover a number of related topics including what Mr Brontë did and – perhaps more significantly - did not annotate in his copy of Graham’s Modern Domestic Medicine and whether Emily’s final illness really was consumption. 


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