Saturday, February 15, 2014

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With some delay we remember here the actress Jean Harvey (1930-2013) who happens to be one of the few actors/actresses that have played two different roles in Brontë novels adaptations. Her children remember her in The Guardian:
Her most famous role was in Compact (1962), one of the BBC's first soaps, as the editor of the magazine from which the show took its title. She appeared in several classic serials, including North and South (1975) and two versions of Jane Eyre, playing Mrs Reed in the 1973 adaptation and Mrs Fairfax in 1983. Her favourite TV role was as Sally, the wife of Max (George Cole) in A Man of Our Times (1968), for which she received a Bafta nomination. (Rasmini and Robin Gardiner)

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  1. Truly, an Accomplished, Talented Actress that entertained Stage, Television & Screen Audiences for over 30 years. Her Work is a reminder of how good she really was. God Bless You Jean. You are in our Hearts, Mind & Soul.