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A new book published in India compares Wuthering Heights and Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things:
Wuthering Heights and the God of Small Things: Thematic/Stylistic Comparison
Lata Marina Varghese
Yking Books, 2013
ISBN : 9789382532095

Literatures of the world did not evolve in isolation from one another. The act of comparing national literatures originated long before it was established as an academic domain. Every literary study is necessarily comparatist to some extent. Comparative literature not only embraces the transnational multilingual and global aspects of literary texts but moves across time periods genres and other forms of human expressions to explore the unexplored terrrains of human imagination. Comparison a common and widespread human activity may be used to indicate affinity, tradition or influence. In literature affinity consists in resemblances in style, structure, mood of idea between two or more works which may necessarily have no other connection. Tradition or convention consists in resemblances between works that form part of a large group of similar works held together by a common historical chronological or formal bond. Influence represents a direct effect upon one literary work caused by a preceding one.

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Thematics and stylistics in fiction. 2. Wuthering heights: thematic/stylistic study. 3. The God of small things: thematic/stylistic study. 4. Narrative techniques in wuthering heights and the God of small things. 5. Wuthering heights and the God of small things: thematic/stylistic comparison. 6. Conclusion. Bibliography.


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