Saturday, January 04, 2014

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Curious things found on etsy shops:
On DreamAndCraft

Reader I Married Him Literary Mug - Jane Eyre Quote - White 10 oz - Dishwasher Safe

Each mug has been hand painted, baked, cured and sealed for durability. Dishwasher safe ink; hand wash for increasing the longevity of the design.

On retrograndma:

Tablet Device cover Jane Eyre Book, Case for IPad Mini, Kindles, Nook, Kobo

IPad or E-reader cover made from a Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë book. Elastic bands placed on one side to hold your IPad Mini, kindle, nook, sony or kobo securely in place and on the opposite side there are elastics to keep the cover closed when not in use. Book measures 6" x 9". The elastics extend to hold ereaders smaller than these dimensions. You can contact me with your ereader dimensions for me to check if it will fit properly. Red and white cotton materials lines the inside of the case. What a unique way to store and read your tablet device with this cover. Place it on a bookshelf with your other books. 

On Bunnyhell (via Trendhunter):
Jane Eyre mini book necklace

These miniature book necklaces feature first edition cover designs of such notable and iconic works of literature like Lolita, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, Dorian Gray, The Old Man and the Sea, Rosemary's Baby and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. All of these mini book necklaces are handmade using cardboard, paper, a golden chain and varnish.

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