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Redding's HamletHub picks '7 Bitter Literary Characters'. One of which is
Heathcliff in "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Brontë. I've never quite understood the appeal of Heathcliff as a romantic hero. He's tempestuous, vengeful, and just mean, really. What is it with the bad boys? Anyone? (Sally Allen)
SoFeminine includes the Brontës on a list of women who never married yet managed to change the world (?). And yes, we know, there's the tiny detail of Charlotte actually having been married:
They’re mostly noted for being three young sisters who were ironically one of the countries most successful writers, at a time when women were NOT allowed to be. While Charlotte Brontë married for a while, Anne died unmarried, at the age of 29 and Emily also remained unmarried. 
'Married for a while' makes it sound as if she had got a divorce after a while. Of course, given the tone of the article, it is surprising that it doesn't say something along the lines of, 'see, the only one who got married ended up dead because of it, so there'.

The Argus lists 'Ten things you didn't know about Stanmer Park', one of which may be recalled by many Brontëites out there.
10. A bid to enter the Guiness World Records with a mass Kate Bush dance performance last year failed - because officials said the song chosen, Wuthering Heights, was not iconic enough. 
The Milions retitles Jane Eyre in true Upworthy style:
This Guy Didn’t Tell His New Governess About His Secret Ex-Wife In The Attic. What Happened Next Really Burned Him Up. (Janet Potter)
The Brontë Parsonage Facebook page shows curatorial intern Mari Elliott resetting the dining room. Leatherboundpounds compares Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea. The Toast posts about the Brontës and a visit to Haworth and Brontë country.


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