Monday, January 13, 2014

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Le Petit Bleu (France) interviews aspiring politician Bertrand Girardi:
Le dernier film vu, le dernier livre lu, votre acteur (trice) préféré et pourquoi ?
Bertrand Girardi : J’ai regardé lundi soir et par hasard «Déjà vu» avec Denzel Washington qui sait rendre ses personnages humains. J’ai lu dimanche dernier «Jane Eyre» de Charlotte Brontë, un roman initiatique qui parle d’espoir et de fidélité. (Translation)
The Spectator Tribune reviews the Manitoba performances of Julie Beckman's Jane Eyre:
Direct-address exposition lets your massive tomes – your Pride and Prejudices, your Gone With the Winds – fit onstage, but it’s reliably dull monologuing (“This happened, then this happened, then THIS happened”) short on character development, conflict or passion. (...)
Sometimes, when characters sense the fragility of their attempts to describe their lives, the narration becomes a wonderful layer of existential grappling that draws out the heart of Jane Eyre. This is, after all, a story about an English orphan’s journey toward self-knowledge and finding her place in the world.
These moments almost always come care of Jennifer Dzialoszynski’s intelligent, restrained Jane. Avoiding the pitfall of playing overly sentimental romance, Dzialoszynski keeps the mammoth production moving while maintaining an emotional availability she can dip into sparingly, judiciously and effectively. (Matt Tenbruggencate)
The Chicago Now blog Quilting! Sewing! Creating! has a post on a recent book club meeting centered around Wuthering Heights. The Brontë Sisters posts about Lucasta Miller's The Brontë Myth. Lou Reviews loved Jane Eyre 1956, seen at the BFI. Salesses compares Jane Eyre and The Hunger Games. The Canon reviews Wuthering Heights.


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