Friday, November 15, 2013

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Marie Claire gives you 15 reasons to love Michael Fassbender (if you don't love him already). One of which is
7. He looks just heavenly in period costume.
Fassbender as Mr Rochester in the 2011 Jane Eyre? Yes, please. (Suzannah Ramsdale)
El diario (Spain) tells how Spanish actress Carmen Machi decided to become an actress.
Machi ha hecho sonreír a los asistentes al relatar cómo decidió ser actriz, con siete años, al ver a Elisabeth (sic) Taylor interpretar un papel en la película "Jane Eyre" (1944). (Translation)
Koimoi reviews the Bollywood film Ramleela. Apparently
 To quote Emile [sic] Brontë, the best words to describe Ram-Leela’s chemistry would be, “Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” (Mohar Basu)
The Seattle Theater Examiner features the local stage production of The Hound of the Baskervilles and interviews director Allison Narver.
The Hound has become defined by "moors and mist" in most adaptations – what's the first thing that you thought of when you started working on this show? Well, certainly moors and mist, hounds and halls, secrets and haunted places but also Gothic novels and then movies made from novels like Wuthering Heights, Rebecca, and Jane Eyre. (Rosemary Jones)
The New York Times' The Learning Network looks at 'Speculation, Spoilers and Sequels' and suggests:
For your next independent reading assignment, ask students to choose from a selection of novels or plays that imagine stories from an alternate perspective, or describe what happens before or after the events in a classic work. For instance, “March” by Geraldine Brooks based on characters in “Little Women,” “Ahab’s Wife” by Sena J. Naslund, based on “Moby Dick,” “Wide Sargasso Sea” by Jean Rhys, which is a prequel to “Jane Eyre,” or the many “Pride and Prejudice” sequels. Students might read “The Art of the Sequel” to learn some lessons about writing sequels or prequels. (Amanda Christy Brown and Katherine Schulten)
D Magazine's Side Dish recommends a visit to The Woolworth in Dallas.
Dark wood, dim lighting, and private booths give The Woolworth the feel of old-school jazz. This bar even has its own library, with everything from Wuthering Heights to Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes, for your perusing pleasure. (Margaux Anbouba)
The Keighley News features a six-month-old Haworth B&B: Wilsons of Haworth. The Literature Aficionado posts about Wuthering Heights while It's All Comic To Me reviews Rick Geary's take on the novel. I've Read That posts about Sheila Kohler's Becoming Jane Eyre.


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