Monday, November 11, 2013

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TenAsia reports that,
Korean actor Ji Sung has lend his romantic voice to his current KBS’s melodrama series “Secret Love.
Ji Sung’s upcoming soundtrack, whose title came from classic English novel “Wuthering Heights,” will be available online Wednesday midnight KST, his agency Namoo Actors said on Monday.
Wuthering Heights” has been used as an important prop in the drama with the similarity of the stories of the two features. (Cory Lee)
Yahoo! Philippines OMG! reports it as well.

The Telegraph begins the dramatic story of a young couple as follows:
As soft curtains of mist carpet the heather of the North Yorkshire Moors, we could be in a scene from Wuthering Heights. What follows, though, is a love story far removed from the narrative that Emily Brontë plotted for Catherine and Heathcliff. It is the tale of two jockeys, both luminous talents but each suddenly the victims of horrendous injuries in the space of four life-altering July weeks. (Oliver Brown)
The Unlikely Bookworm posts about Wuthering Heights; Vik Rubenfeld posts about Jane Eyre.


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