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Ellen Stumbo shares a lovely story about her mother and her daughter in The Huffington Post. As background about herself, she says,
I was reading classics at an early age. Jane Eyre, Little Women, and my favorite, Mark Twain. Bilingual at a young age, my mother began to feed me those classics in English as well; although Mark Twain was never an author I willingly picked up to read in English.
The Citizen (Tanzania) finds a Brontëite in TV producer Maria Sarungi Tsehai.
Which are your favourite books? I have many books that at one point in my life have been my favourite. But I can speak about books that at different points in my life made an impact on me: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco, The powers that be by David Halberstam, Neoromancer by William Gibbson, The Pilgrimmage by Paulo Coehlo (sic). And these are really a thin slice of the books that made an impression on me!
Why are they your favourite? Because they gave me a new perspective on issues, or viewpoints that were different and refreshing in many ways. I remember reading Jane Eyre and being fascinated by the internal world of this woman, while Foucault’s Pendulum is filled with amazing historic facts and theories – it is Da Vinci’s Code written by an Italian genius – I highly recommend it for fans of this genre.
The Mid Sussex Times reports that a local library is now also a wedding venue.
Lovers getting married at Haywards Heath can look for a few romantic books like Wuthering Heights beforehand to get in the mood.
Their passion will speak volumes as they make pledges in the town’s library, which is more used to people seeking great love titles such as Jane Eyre and Gone With the Wind.
PRWeb has a press release on the book Spook Secrets: How Much Do You Really Know About Classic Sci-Fi/Horror? by Zach Zito, Mike Lederman and Christopher Mealie.
What horror movie did Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre inspire?
That's an easy question for Brontëites, isn't it?

Flavorwire tries to find '15 Famous Authors and Their Fashion Label Counterparts'. Here's the Brontës' counterpart:
The Brontë Sisters: Rodarte
This one is way too easy: sisters, both are kinda goth, and it’s inconceivable that the Mulleavys haven’t read Jane Eyre at least once. (Jason Diamond)
The Telegraph and Argus suggests a walk along the Yorkshire water way, part of which includes
a six-hour 12-miler between Haworth and Hebden Bridge past the Lower Laithe and Walshaw Dean reservoirs, with the Brontë Bridge, Wuthering Heights and Gibson’s Mill at Hardcastle Crags as highlights. (Mike Priestley)
Silencing the Bell posts about Wuthering Heights and the Brontë Parsonage Facebook page wonders whether Emily would have been writing a second novel when she died.

Finally, an alert for today, October 23rd, at the Southeastern Louisiana University:
Next in line for the Then and Now Lecture Series is “Austen, Brontë, Shakespeare and Meyer (Oh My!): ‘Twilight’ in the Literary Tradition,” to be presented by English instructor Tasha Whitton on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 1 p.m. in Pottle Auditorium. (Melanie Mann)


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