Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner presents a new exhibition taking place at the Red House Museum, Through the Rainbow:
A new exhibition at a Kirklees museum will look at the use of glass in contemporary art, craft and design.
Red House Museum is hosting Through the Rainbow which features work by a variety of makers based in Kirklees.
It aims to draw parallels between contemporary and historical decorative glass.
Visitors are encouraged to see the stunning example of stained glass in the Red House dining room during their visit. The windows were removed from the house around 1920 but returned in 1990 and are on loan from The Brontë Society.
They feature delicate glass painting and deep, vibrant colours and are described in Charlotte Brontë's novel Shirley written in 1849. (Val Jabin)
USA Today interviews the writer Karina Halle:
Do you have a favorite writer in your genre? If so, how has their writing inspired your own?
KH: When I write in the horror genre, my favorite writer by far is Stephen King. I'm also fond of Carlos Ruis Zafón. For romance and romantic suspense, I love, love, love the push and pull of Jane and Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, or Mac and Barrons in Karen Marie Monning's Fever series. In the suspense side of things I'm crushing hard on Don Winslow. (Interview by Joyce Lamb)
The Millions talks about the death of the ingénue in literature:
As an aside, perhaps the hotly contested debate currently surrounding this question in fact hinges on the lack of ingénues populating today’s great novels. (...) And mostly, none of these books requires a supporting ingénue waiting in the corner, ready to cry foil to a Lizzy Bennett or Jane Eyre or even Catherine Earnshaw. (Elizabeth L. Silver)
Well we can assume that Isabella is a kind of ingénue to Catherine, but who is the ingénue to Jane Eyre? Blanche Ingram???

The Insider thinks that Michael Fassbender is a good candidate to be Christian Grey in the future adaptation of the E.L. James's Grey saga:
Michael Fassbender has already played a domineering, weathly man who falls in love with a subordinate, innocent young girl -- yes, we mean Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre -- so it's not a stretch to imagine him donning one of Christian's Grey's linen shirts.
Well, it's like Quentin Tarantino directing a remake of Bambi. In both Bambi and Tarantino's movies there are killings.

VH1 talks to some of the members of the Austenland cast. Including JJ Feild:
“When you read Austen, it’s funny,” said Feild, who plays Mr. Henry Nobley, the “Darcy” figure at the theme park. “She was a very humorous writer and if you look at some of the other writers [like Brontë or Dickens], they’re a lot more dour and tragic. So, Austen manages to keep sort of the beautiful thrill of the time with a sort of charm. There’s a lot of charm to Austen.” (Meghan O'Keefe)
Did JJ Feild really mention the Brontës or has it been added by the journalist?

Stylist likes the 'best closing lines from books': Wuthering Heights is of course included; today the Wedding & Event Institute Blog has a Wuthering Heights mood board; PaperblogPrincess reviews Alison Croggon's Black Spring; on the Brontë Parsonage Facebook you can see a wooden lion toy that belonged to the Brontës.

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