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Several newspapers publish the death of the Tony-awarded actress Julie Harris (1925-2013). In the Brontë-related world is celebrated for performing in Currer Bell, Esq. by William Luce. This play was first conceived as a radio play for Julie Harris in 1979. Later on the play was adapted for the stage with the name Brontë. A Solo Portrait of Charlotte Brontë and even filmed in 1983.
William Luce wrote Brontë first as a radio play for actress Julie Harris to perform on Masterpiece Radio Theatre, Elinor Stout directing. Entitled Currer Bell, Esq. (Charlotte Brontë's nom de plume), this production won three prestigious broadcasting awards - the Peabody Award, the Ohio State Award and Columbia University's Armstrong Award.
Miss Harris next performed Currer Bell, Esq. as a Caedmon Records production directed by Ward Botsford. With the new title of Brontë, the play's third presentation became Irish Television's movie version filmed on location in the green moor country of County Wicklow and directed by Delbert Mann. The film premiered in New York's Lincoln Center, followed by public television airings in North America and the UK.
Brontë's final incarnation was Luce's current stage version, with Julie Harris being directed by Kristoffer Tabori, and subsequently by Charles Nelson Reilly. Brontë has had theater productions throughout the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, South America, Europe and Japan. (Source)
In 2012 the piece was revived in New York by the Alloy Theater Company with Maxine Linehan in the title role.

Here you can read contemporary reviews of the play.


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