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More Brontë-related scholar papers and theses 
Lifting the Veil on the Brontë Juvenilia: A Study of the Gondal Saga and Wuthering Heights
Tara, Emily
Advisor: Garcha, Amanpal; Hannibal, Hamlin
Issue Date: 2013-05
The Ohio State University. Department of English Undergraduate Research Theses; 2013

In 1848, before her death, Emily Brontë completed a novel that has transcended time and has become a staple of classic Victorian literature; that novel is Wuthering Heights. While many have read or have heard of this novel, the origination of the tale has been left to speculation and uncertainty. I hope to uncover some of the truth behind the novel's origination by comparing its plot, themes and characters to Emily's juvenilia poetry. The Gondal poetry, as it has come to be called, gives a greater insight into the framework for the novel, and through careful explication of specific passages, can be seen as a precursor to the popular gothic novel. While Wuthering Heights is a fictional story, I will give details that will explain that through studying the novel in relation to the juvenilia, it is more than possible that her writing contains elements of her personal life, environment and viewpoints.
An Interpretation of Emily Bronte’s Gothic Complex in Wuthering Heights
Fu Haijuan (2013). Studies in Literature and Language, 6(3), 53-59.

This thesis, adopting gothic criticism, attempts to analyze Emily Brontë’s gothic complex in Wuthering Heights since it is the unique novel Emily has created and it is the mature embodiment of Emily Brontë’s literary thoughts. This thesis tries to have a detailed and close interpretation of Emily’s gothic complex in terms of the descriptions of the natural circumstances and settings, the portrayals of the main characters, and the profound love between the two protagonists. Meanwhile, this thesis also points out that Emily not only inherits gothic tradition, but also develops it. Then this thesis attempts to analyze the reasons of Emily’s gothic complex from the social background and from her life experience.
The Love and Hatred between Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights
Kehai Gushi Bolan (Baike Luntan), 2013, (1)

Wuthering Heights is Emily Brontë’s first but only novel, it is also a great success. Although the author lived in the Victories Ages, the style of this novel is different to that of other novels of the same age. It mainly centers on the story of two families: Wuthering Heights and Grange. It is a typically Gothic novel. This paper makes a study of Wuthering Heights based on the Gothic tradition of European literature, in addition, the paper describes the development of the love and hatred between the hero Heathcliff and the heroin Catherine, and make a comprehensive analysis of it.


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