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A new amateur production of Wuthering Heights (in the April de Angelis adaptation) opens today, July 17, in Chellaston, Derbyshire:
Chellaston Players present
Wuthering Heights
Adapted by April de Angelis. Novel by Emily Brontë
Directed by Elaine Lawrenson
Cathy – Louisa Ballard
Heathcliff – Matt Sharratt
Isabella – Clare Snape
Nelly – Cathy Wilson
Complete cast here.

The Derby Telegraph has more information:
"Wuthering Heights is diverse in this sense and we chose this particular script, an adaptation by April De Angelis, for this very reason," [Elaine Lawrenson] explains.
"Playing the parts of Heathcliff and Cathy, our two principal actors Clare Snape and Matt Sharratt have had to push their acting talents to the limits. They give striking performances of passion, desperation and despair."
The story is narrated by the Housekeeper Nelly, who is relaying her tale to the new tenant, Mr Lockwood.
"As their relationship grows there are some charming and light-hearted moments between them which really breaks the tension and might even get a few laughs. Overall though we aim to take the audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotion," says Elaine.
"Most of the scenes take place in either Wuthering Heights, or Thrushcross Grange but the moor has a presence."
Production assistant Emma Bridges reveals that set design was one of the group's biggest hurdles.
"The play runs continuously. There is very little in the way of scene changes so the audience can expect to see the household staff arranging furniture as the action continues on the stage," she says.
"We have gone for a very simple set, mostly black but with key pieces of furniture and a huge fireplace at the rear of the stage.
"We have stayed very true to the book and but the dramatic and tempestuous performances of our actors are very contemporary."


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