Saturday, July 20, 2013

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Two Wuthering Heights-inspired things that you were not expecting:

Camira Fabrics presents their Hebden design:
Hebden is inspired by Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights evoking love and revenge on beautiful but bleak Yorkshire moorland. The fabric is an evolution of Hemp, in the same composition of 60% pure new wool and 40% harvested hemp. Hebden has a soft, diffused and large scale dappled check design, available in 13 naturally inspired shades. Names have been chosen from towns and villages near to where it’s made in West Yorkshire, reflecting the local spinning and weaving of the fabric itself. It is easy to find uses for, as the check is barely there making it perfect for statement soft seating, and can be used in combination with Hemp as the colours have been designed to co-ordinate.
(Via Interior Design)

Candle Kitchen has an Emily Brontë candle:
Wild Heather - Emily Brontë Candle
Blow right into your home some moorland air from the craggy slopes of Wuthering Heights, the windswept site of Catherine Earnshaw’s meetings with her paramour. This handmade candle is scented in wild heather with a hint of violet. Heathcliff not included.

Burn time: 60 hours approx
Size: 10cm (h) x 8cm (d)
They also have a Charlotte Brontë one:
Jane Eyre CandleScented with sweetbriar and jasmine, this handmade candle reflects the beautiful evening fragrance in the garden at Thornfield where Jane Eyre once sought repose before wafts of cigar smoke alerted her to the presence of her master. It is suitable for the making of the type of forthright and impassioned speech that results in a declaration of love. Use with care.
(Via Le Projet d'Amour)


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