Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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More sites reporting the acquisition of Charlotte Brontë's L'amour filial: the Yorkshire Post claims that the devoir has been 'saved for the nation'. L'actualitté (France) highlights the fact that it was written in French.

The Chicago Tribune reviews Terry Eagleton's How to Read Literature.
Much of this material could be helpful to the sort of advanced beginner Eagleton seems to envision, although it is skimpy on lyric poetry. (Not to worry: He published "How to Read a Poem" in 2006.)
But even those who belong to this narrower category of student might wonder why they are being thrown into a discussion of "Wuthering Heights," which one suspects they haven't read yet, that assumes a degree of familiarity with the plot on the reader's part. (Michael Robbins)
Kay Wyma continues writing on Daily Moms about her grandmother's copies of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights:
So during our recent move, when we sat together unloading boxes (or “packages” as dubbed by our 6-year-old,) I couldn’t resist squealing at finding my copy of Little Women. I read it when I was her age. My heart skipped as she reached for the book and placed it beside her. She was considered rather than running away. Next, when the box revealed my grandmother’s copies of Wuthering Hieghts [sic] and Jane Eyre, she actually allowed her fingers to linger on the old pages and beautiful lithographs.
Then she borrowed them! Yes… to read them herself!
I’m so happy for her. I look forward to the days she will sit alone, pink ukulele likely at hand, and escape the problems of her world only to be propelled into another time where girls her age struggled, too. She will realize that she’s not alone. And that sharing a bathroom with her sister isn’t the worst thing in the world. And that the cute, popular boy who has never notices her isn’t always the answer to life’s woes.
The Hindu recommends Jane Eyre, The budding librocubicularist reviews it and Sew Technicolor posts about the 2006 adaptation of the novel while Hannah Cynthia Lane recommends the 2011 adaptation.  L'Express and Passion du livre (France) both recommend Jane Eyrotica. Ex-libris writes in French about Wuthering Heights. Via The Brontë Sisters we have come across this lovely drawing based on Charlotte's fairy sighting. The Brontë Parsonage Blog shares a few pictures of some of the people who attended the AGM this past weekend.


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