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An alert from Winnipeg, Canada:
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
Audition Notice for 2013-2014 Season
Jane Eyre

Adapted by Julie Beckman
From the novel by Charlotte Bronte
Directed by Tracey Flye
Part of our 2013-2014 season at the John Hirsch Theatre
Rehearsals start December 16, 2013
Preview January 8, 2014
Opening January 9, 2014
Closing February 1, 2014

Character Breakdown:
All actors other than those playing Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester play multiple characters of varying ages.
All actors other than that playing Rochester play children. Age ranges given are estimates only and not definitive.
More detailed character descriptions available on request.

WOMEN (5 total):
Actor playing ranges:
20 – 25 yrs old to play Jane Eyre from childhood to adulthood
20 – 30 yrs old to play Eliza Reed, Helen Burns, Leah, Blanche, Bertha, Mary Rivers
30 – 50 yrs old to play Mrs Reed, Mrs Fairfax, A Girl at Lowood, Surgeon, Hannah
30 – 40 yrs old to play Bessie, Georgiana Reed, Moon Spirit, Miss Temple, Grace Poole, Lady Ingram, Diana Rivers
Child to play Adele, under 10 years old

MEN (3 total):
Actor playing ranges:
30 – 40 yrs old to play Edward Rochester
30 – 50 yrs old to play Uncle Reed, Mr Brocklehurst, A Doctor at Lowood, A Post Mistress, Lord Ingram, An Innkeeper
20 – 30 yrs old to play John Reed, Apothecary, Robert, Miss Scatcherd, Colonel Dent, Mr Wood, St John Rivers

AUDITIONS IN WINNIPEG (by appointment) JUNE 20 & 21st (callbacks June 22nd)
More information here.


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