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Brontë alerts in Manchester and Shanghai:

In Manchester:
Manchester School of Theatre - Capitol Theatre
Wednesday, 15th May - Saturday, 18th May 2013
By Polly Teale. Directed by Gabriel Gawin

How is it possible that three Victorian spinsters, living in isolation on the Yorkshire moors, could have written some of the most powerful and passionate fiction of all time?
Originally staged by Shared Experience in 2005, this extraordinary play by Polly Teale evokes the real and imagined worlds of the Brontës, as the fictional characters come to haunt their creators.

Charlotte - Emma Romy-Jones
Emily - Helen Burnell
Anne - Bethan Caddick
Bertha / Cathy - Alexa Morden
Branwell / Arthur Huntingdon / Heathcliff - Joel Davidge
Patrick / Bell Nicholls / Rochester / Mr Heger - Barry Hall

Designer: Olivia du Monceau

Performances start at 6pm on Thursdays, 7.30pm all other days.
And in Shanghai, China, a new chance to see the Patrick DeBana Jane Eyre ballet:
30th Shanghai Spring International Music Festival
简爱 'Jane Eyre'' ballet
Shanghai Ballet will stage "Jane Eyre" based on Charlotte Brontë's famous novel. But it gives more play to Mr Rochester's mad wife. "Bertha is a mad women, but her existence is always a key to the relationship between Jane Eyre and Rochester," says Yu Rongjun, the ballet's scriptwriter. (Shanghai Daily)

Date: May 15-16, 7:15pm
Shanghai Culture Square


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