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For the second time a National Literary prize dedicated to the Brontës, their lives, works and places was organized in Italy by Prof. Maddalena De Leo with great success. Entries had to be 1) poems 2) letters 3) drabbles to/from one of the Brontë sisters or characters.

Prof. Maddalena De Leo and other Italian Brontë scholars chose the first three winners of each section as follows:

The three winning poetry 2013 entries are:

Amore di ruggine by Tiziana Tunzi from Bari
(a melancholy poem where Heathcliff and Cathy’s unlucky love has only left place to rust everywhere)

si è fatta avanti’ by Francesco Sicilia from Agropoli (Sa)
(Emily’s death seen as a sort of mystic sacrifice)

Non ti lascerò mai by Davide Lucarelli from Fiano Romano (RM)
(Cathy’s ghost whispering tender words to Heathcliff telling him she will never leave him )

The three winning letters 2013 are:

Carissima Catherine by Alessia Ranieri from Rome
(a moving letter to Catherine from Heathcliff during his three years’ silence declaring his everlasting love and asking why she disowned him )

Carissima Emily by Serena Gobbo from S.Stino di Livenza (VE)
(a letter from Charlotte to Emily written while at Stonegappe to ask about family matters at Haworth)

Lettera a Charlotte by Aurora Bardi from Majano (UD)
(a letter to Charlotte from the young writer herself who empathically shares her world and feelings)

The three winning drabbles 2013 are:

Visione by Ivonne Defant from Terlago (Trento)
(The description of the inspirational process leading to the writing of Isabella’s escape episode)

Anima vagante by Angela D’Angelo from Ascea Marina (SA)
(Heathcliff and Cathy eternal pursuit in and out of this life)

Il buio che mi completa by Carola Boniotti from Trezzo sull’Adda (MI)
(the description of the moment of Charlotte’s death reviving her happy and sad life memories )

The nine winners will be given Brontë DVDs, audiobooks and bookmarks as prizes.

The anthology ‘BRONTËANA’ containing all the works sent by the authors for the prize will be edited and published in a short time by Prof. De Leo.


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