Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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We report (very belatedly) the death of Mrs Jocelyn Kellett (1914-2012), who was President of the Brontë Society (1985-1987) (after being a member of the Brontë Society's Council since the 1940s and serving as Chairman from 1977 until 1980).

Charles Lemon in A Centenary History of the Brontë Society 1893-1993 says about her contribution to the Brontë Society:
The completion of Mrs Kellett's three-year term as President came in 1987, bringing to an end many years of valuable service to the Society. She had joined the council in 1947 and had worked with enthusiasm and determination in various capacities; she brought more success to the Society's efforts in the saleroom and strove always that the Parsonage should be carefully preserved furnished and decorated as it was in the days of the Brontës.
She was also the author of  Haworth Parsonage: The home of the Brontës (1977). Charles Lemon described its relevance:
In 1977, the Society published Haworth Parsonage: The Home of the Brontës by Jocelyn Kellett. This was an ably researched and well illustrated volume, one of the Society's most important publications to date. (ibidem)


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