Friday, April 19, 2013

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1. Today, April 19, is the big day: Patti Smith will be performing at the Old School Room in Haworth, just next to the Brontë Parsonage Museum. Next Sunday, she will play in another Brontë-related place: Scarborough, the resting place of Anne Brontë. It's really curious to see the concert list on Patti Smith's website:

2. And in Formentera, Spain, the author Espido Freire (Querida Jane, Querida Charlotte) will give a talk about the Brontës. Diario de Ibiza has a hilarious way of describing how Wuthering Heights was written by the Brontë sisters (yes, all of them):
El día 19 de abril se concentran dos importantes actos: el primero es una conferencia de la escritora y periodista Espido Freire, ganadora del premio Planeta con la obra 'Melocotones helados', que tendrá lugar en la biblioteca a las 19 horas y versará sobre las hermanas Brontë, autoras de 'Cumbres borrascosas'. (C. Convaila) (Translation)
3. And finally at the Wingate University, NC:
At 7:30 p.m. Friday in Wingate’s McGee Theatre, Griffey, music faculty and students will perform works from [Carlisle] Floyd’s well-known “Susannah,” “Of Mice and Men,” and two lesser-known works, “The Sojourner and Mollie Sinclair” and “Wuthering Heights.” (Leah Harrison in Charlotte Observer)


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