Friday, April 05, 2013

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As we have reported before Ann Dinsdale's latest book (but not her only one this year, as you can see if you look at our sidebar) has just been published:
At Home with the Brontës
The History of Haworth Parsonage and its Occupants
Ann Dinsdale
Amberley Publishing
ISBN 9781445608556

Haworth Parsonage is the world-famous home of the Brontës. Crowds of tourists are drawn to Haworth every year to discover what inspired Anne, Charlotte and Emily. Ann Dinsdale explores their lives there, the impact of the sisters’ home on their writing, and their lasting legacy.

However, the Parsonage has also been home to several other families. This book begins with the early history of the house and those who lived there before the arrival of the Brontës. After Patrick Brontë’s death in 1861 the Parsonage became home to four of his successors before being purchased by the Brontë Society in 1928. Thereafter, it became home to four museum custodians and their families. All of these later occupants witnessed the development of tourism in Haworth, which had begun in Mr Brontë’s own lifetime, and experienced the trials and tribulations of living in a literary shrine. Using a variety of sources, mostly unpublished, Ann Dinsdale also tells their stories.


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