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The Yorkshire Post reports on Saturday's ceremony at Anne Brontë's grave.
BRONTË fans from across the country gathered at Anne Brontë’s grave at the weekend to dedicate a new memorial slab which corrects a 164-year-old mistake in the original headstone. [...]
Charlotte made the burial arrangements from Haworth and while she attended the service, it is thought she must have failed to check the headstone’s inscription, resulting in her sister’s age appearing as 28.
The Brontë Society had grown increasingly concerned about both the error and weather damage which has left the headstone’s writing almost unreadable. On Saturday, a service of dedication was held at the graveside to mark the official unveiling of the plaque, laid without publicity in 2011.
Brontë Society chairman Sally McDonald said: “This was a place Anne very much loved. I do not ever think of this as a tourist destination. I think of it as a place of pilgrimage and it is right Anne’s resting place is properly identified for those who arrive here.”
The Times also covers the story and includes a picture of the actual plaque. We still think, however, that more should have been done in order to preserve the actual headstone which Charlotte Brontë picked and stood in front of, if only bringing it indoors at some point before the text had mostly crumbled away. It's a sad loss.

La Razón (Spain) interviews writer Kate Morton, who admits to her Brontëiteness:
-Pero gótica y victoriana, ¿sí se confesará...?–¡Sin duda! La novela del XIX, James, las hermanas Brontë.... Su textura, las capas, las atmósferas... Me siento identificada con esa tridimensionalidad e intento utilizarla. (Ángeles López) (Translation) reviews the novel Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline where
Molly commits a small crime; she steals a dog-eared copy of “Jane Eyre” from the library and has to do community service. (Jacqueline Cutler)
The Nottingham Post reviews a performance by Scott Matthews:
Katherine Priddy's modern folk ballads complemented him well. From a portrait of the hero of Wuthering Heights to a Richard Thompson cover, her set featured much to beguile. (Peter Palmer)
La Jornada (Mexico) mentions Patrick Brontë's mask experiment with his children. Summer Day is posting her retelling Anne Eyre as installments on her blog. El mundo de Vicky writes in Spanish about Jane Eyre.


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