Thursday, March 07, 2013

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We present here a curious initiative by the people behind Poetry Brain:
Poetry Brain is the poetry/literature annotation project launched in 2012 by Rap Genius. Although our library of texts is still located on the main site, we’ve created this blog as a place to share PB-specific news and updates.
Just as Rap Genius explains the universe of song lyrics, Poetry Brain explains and annotates all kinds of literary works, from poetry and drama to fiction and memoir. It provides multiple interpretations of famous passages at a single click. It allows writers to annotate their own work, quickly and painlessly. It’s a whole new kind of library, and we’re building it with your help, line by line.
Want to get involved? Register here and check out our guidelines page. Edit, comment, share your knowledge. If you’re an author or scholar interested in becoming a verified expert, a teacher looking to use Poetry Brain in the classroom, or just a reader with questions on your mind, contact us.
Do you feel like participating? Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are there, ready for discussion:
Reader, we did it. We added Charlotte Brontë’s most famous novel, Jane Eyre, to Rap Genius. Complete and unabridged. We even added the Preface and Brontë’s Note to the Third Edition.
Prettë sweet.
You can find the whole thing here. There aren’t many annotations just yet, but we’ll be adding more in the days to come—and we want your help! Whether you’re a professional scholar, an amateur Brontëphile, or Mia Wasikowska, we’ll appreciate whatever wisdom you have to share.


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