Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Arlene Hutton's Parhelia is performed as a workshop in Charleston, South Carolina:
PURE Theatre presents
by Arlene Hutton
Workshop directed by Sharon Graci

February 26 ( Pay-what-you-can-preview), 27 (Opening Night), 28 7:30 PM
March 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 7: 30 PM
March 10 2:00 Matinee

Set against the bleak and windy Yorkshire moors  in the mid-1800s, Arlene Hutton’s Parhelia follows the lives of the Brontë sisters as they struggle to find creative prosperity, while navigating the harsh realities of male society. Faced with limited opportunities for educated women, Charlotte, Emily and Anne live in the rich worlds of their imaginations, until they are forced to face the truth that nothing is certain, and their destinies are best served when held firmly in their own hands. Inspired by Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Parhelia is a rich adaptation that deftly explores the parallels in the lives of the Brontë’s and the Prozorovs resulting in a deeply gratifying new theatre piece by the author of Letters to Sala and Last Train to Nibroc.

Charlotte Brontë – Christina Leidel
Emily Brontë – Anna Royal
Anne Brontë – McKenna DuBose
Branwell Brontë – Storm Smith
Patrick Brontë – Laurens Wilson
Arthur Bell Nichols – Matthias Burrell
William Weightman – David Beckett
Smith – Brannen Daugherty*
Vicar of Bradford – Thomas Burke Heath
Dr. Crosby – Thomas Burke Heath
* PURE Core Ensemble Member


  1. Charletson, South Carolina

  2. Sorry, Charleston, South Carolina, not North Carolina