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The Westmorland Gazette reviews Hull Truck Theatre's production of Jane Eyre.
A simple stage set comprising chairs and luggage trunks and strewn with books provided the setting for Hull Truck Theatre’s fairly sparse production of Jane Eyre.
The props helped capture elements of Jane’s background - her love of books, thirst for knowledge and rather rootless upbringing. [...]
Just three actors took on the various roles in Charlotte Brontë’s novel.
The play concentrated on events at Thornfield, dispensing with Jane’s troubled schooldays.
Although well acted throughout, the first half, with narrative events regularly told through Jane directly addressing the audience, was rather ‘wordy’ and demanded much concentration.
The second half had more ‘flow’ and I particularly enjoyed the section involving Jane’s time at the Rivers’ home and the rather detached wooing of her by her clergyman cousin, St John.
Overall this was an entertaining and sound retelling of the classic novel but, perhaps, rather one-paced and lacking the wow factor. (Andrew Thomas)
Robert McCrum selects for the Guardian 'English literature's 50 key moments from Marlowe to JK Rowling', which include Wuthering Heights. However, The University Times (Ireland) features the Trinity Literary Society. One of whose members wouldn't seem to agree with that:
“Honestly,” admits Mark. “I’d probably be the least interested person [in literature] in the whole society. I’ve been trying to read Wuthering Heights for about a year now. It’s an awful book. (Shona McGarry)
Another list, as the EastHampton-PortlandPatch reports that,
With Valentine's Day right around the corner romance is on the minds of the folks at the East Hampton Public Library who asked their patrons for some of their favorite romance novels. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the top responses they got:
Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldón
Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (Eileen McNamara)
Katie Shapiro has written an article for The Huffington Post on how 'Female Filmmakers Steal Sundance Spotlight'. She recalls that,
Locally, the Denver Film Society's Women+Film Voices Film Festival is also focused on shining a larger spotlight on female filmmakers. Festival co-founder Tammy Richards Brislin has traveled to Sundance each year since launching the festival with philanthropist Barbara Bridges in 2010. Scouting films that will screen in Denver come March means a tight turnaround, but the past two festivals have opened and closed with films that had Park City premieres: Miss Representation, Jane Eyre, Ethel and Wuthering Heights.
Cineralia (Spain) comments on how both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights have been adapted for the big screen time and time again. The Literary Omnivore and Wielki Buk (in Polish) write about Wuthering Heights. Emma Book Blogger has loved Jane Eyre. Reading Against the Clock gives reasons why Anne Brontë rocks.


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