Sunday, January 13, 2013

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New covers of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights: Van Heavens Chronicles (a Brazilian metal band):
This is a cover with a new arrangements from one of more important singers around the World Kate Bush in Her classic song Wuthering Heights, interpreted by Lean Van Ranna in the vocals and William Vankar in the arrangments, Lean is a male singer with unusual voice capable of achieve notes from dramatic tenor until the high notes from contratenor. The arrangments from William Vankar are amazing, from the orchestral broadway, like Walt Disney universe songs, until the classic Jazz.
The Italian Walter Bandini Power Folk Trio:
Walter Bandini Simone Busatti Bei Alessio Barsaglini live al Macondo di Viareggio con "Wuthering Heights" cover di Kate Bush. Alla voce Sandra Salvini.
The Argentinian (?) Anita&Nota:
Wuthering Heights (Cumbres borrascosas) en The Cavern 20/12/2012.


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