Monday, January 21, 2013

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Film School Rejects has a series on 'Movie Houses of Worship', one of which is Park City’s Egyptian Theatre:
Recent screening of note: “At last year’s Sundance, I purposely saved Andrea Arnold‘s Wuthering Heights for a late-in-the-fest screening that I could enjoy in relative solitude, away from the hubbub of the Holiday theaters (where most of the the press and industry screenings take place) or the Eccles, and the Egyptian was the clear choice. A frenzied trek up Main Street, a nervous wait in line, and a mad dash to get a beer to chug pre-watch were all worth it once Arnold’s gorgeous film started. The Egyptian is a such a lovely setting for such a lovely film, and it soothed me in all the ways that my festival-addled mind needed. Also, you know, beer.” (Kate Erbland)
Karen Tay from Stuff's Reading is Bliss, who a few days ago wrote she was a 'Heathcliff girl', today dimisses the Brontës as follows:
Chick lit was like crack cocaine, offering an antidote to the earnest, depressing twitterings of Byron and Keats, Sexton and Plath, Poe and Bronte, Hemingway and Woolf.
And this article from Firstpost on Rahul Gandhi does have those 'Heathcliff girls' in mind.
Had he been talking to college girls still wallowing in Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff, the Gandhi scion would come across as no less than a superstar. (Piyasree Dasgupta)
Irish Central features the Facebook page Wistorical, a daily look at Ireland one story at a time.
Other posts consider unusual visitors to Ireland  - Charlotte Bronte enjoying a honeymoon in Banagher, Co. Offaly. . . (Thomas Butler)
Here's the link to that particular post.

The Star compiles what other famous writers thought of Jane Austen, including Charlotte Brontë. Livraddiction posts in French about Jane Eyre while Movie Worship gives a B to the 2011 adaptation of the novel. Donde se posa el sol shares a Jane Eyre-inspired poem in Spanish. Tracycembor reviews Tina Connolly's Ironskin. L'aventure des mots posts in French about Wuthering Heights and Flickr user StripeyAnne has uploaded a picture of the moors covered in snow.


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