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Auditions in London for a production of Polly Teale's Brontë at the South London Theatre (April):
Auditions are:Sunday 6 January at 6pm (this is not currently down on the audition notice)
Wednesday 9 January at 8pm
Friday 11 January at 8pm

In 1845, Branwell Brontë, brother to the literary sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne, returns home in disgrace, plagued by his addictions. As he descends into alcoholism and insanity, chaos descends on the household and his sisters write as a means of escape. This fascinating play evokes the real and imagined worlds of the Brontës, as their fictional characters come to haunt their creators.

I've put rough playing ages for these but really it is dependent on how actors work together. Most actors will have to play themselves and at least one other character.

Charlotte Brontë: late 20s-late 30s
Anne Brontë: late 20s-late 30s
Emily Brontë: late 20s-late 30s
Bertha Rochester/Cathy Earnshaw: late 20s-late 30s

Branwell Brontë: late 20s-late 30s (doubles with Arthur Huntingdon and Heathcliff but these parts may be cast separately)
Rev Patrick Brontë: 40s upwards (doubles with Bell Nicholls, Mr Rochester and Mr Heger but these parts may be caset separately.


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