Monday, January 14, 2013

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An editor of Twitch picks his films of 2012:
12.) Wuthering Heights
Andrea Arnold hasn't missed a step yet. Robbie Ryan lenses like no other DP out there. Their Wuthering Heights is primal, ephemeral stuff. It's poetry on the wind and in the mud; a fever screaming silent in the hearts of youth. (Ben Umstead)
The Hillsboro Journal-News has a column on the wonders of reading.
"I write because I want more than one life." [...]
Going back to the Anne Tyler quote, I have had the opportunity to live hundreds of different lives and embark on hundreds of exciting adventures, all while staying in the comfort of my bedroom. I've  been the bullheaded and witty Elizabeth Bennet, I've traveled to Mordor on a mission to destroy the evil ring, I've been in a doomed roller coaster relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, I've been aboard the Pequod seeking revenge against the white sperm whale, and I've made "all for one, one for all" my life motto. (Kourtney Ernst)
Flavorwire lists the book collections of '10 famous readers' and among them is Emily Dickinson with both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights (among others). B.E. Scully posts about rereading Jane Eyre while La vie en rose (in Portuguese) has uploaded a video review of the novel. Popcorn Pops writes briefly about Wuthering Heights 2011 while Thevents (in Romanian) reviews the stage adaptation of the novel at the Teatrul Naţional din Cluj.


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