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Sky News reports that a fragment from a poem by Keats will be up for auction at Bonhams in May. But that's not the only exciting item going under the hammer this year:
Other items in the sale, which also features hand-written poems by a young Charlotte Brontë, John Betjeman, WH Auden, and the complete working paper for Sylvia Plath's Sheep In Fog with a commentary by Ted Hughes, go under the hammer on April 10.
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any further info on the Bonhams website just yet:
Auction 20922
The Roy Davids Collection. Part III. Poetry: Poetical Manuscrits and Portaits of Poets. First Session (A-K)
The Oklahoma Gazette reviews Wuthering Heights 2011.
While Heights grows too languid for its own good, its stripped-down nature is a welcome respite from stiff-upper-lipdom. (Rod Lott)
And the actual novel makes it into 'The 25 Best Novels Written By Writers Under 30' according to Complex. They take the drama a bit too far, though:
Emily was one of three Brontë sisters (along with Charlotte and Anne) to publish masterpieces of the English language. She also, unfortunately, was another young novelist that died before having a chance to reach her prime. One theory behind her early death is that the water in her home was contaminated by a nearby graveyard, which is pretty gross.
Even her sister, Charlotte, who lived far longer than Emily, never lived to see the fruits of their labors, as only on her death bed did she cast off the male pen names she and her sisters used, revealing the true authorship of their astonishing works. (Brenden Gallagher)
We don't know what's more hilarious - the Charlotte lived far longer than Emily bit or the whole deathbed revelation.

And here's another blunder, courtesy of the Daily Mail, listing things you can do in Bradford and not in California:
And where would the movie industry be without a decent script? Forget the usually Hollywood tosh and head to Haworth, the home of the Brontë sisters. The moors were the inspiration behind such classics as Wuthering Heights, Jayne Ayre [sic and sic] and The Tennant of Wildfell Hall. (Simon Cass)
DVDFR publishes a thorough review of the French Blu-ray release of Jane Eyre 2011. Bad reviews of good books continues looking at Jane Eyre reviews. The Cat's Edge has a post on Charlotte vs Emily Brontë. Charity's Writing Journey and Bookish Whimsy both review Aviva Orr's The Mist on Brontë Moor.

Finally, if you are near Satellite Beach in Florida, you may be interested in this, as suggested by Florida Today:
Book club: Classics and More with Leslie book club will meet at the Satellite Beach Public Library, 751 Jamaica Blvd., at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. The featured book will be "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë. The cost is free. Call 321-779-4004 or email


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