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BBC News reports that 'Sixty holly trees will be planted in the Peak District National Park to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee' and includes an interesting piece of lore:
The trees will be planted at the Hollin Bank site near Stanage Edge, above the town of Hathersage, on 8 December.
Estate ranger Bill Gordon said Hollin Bank was a "fitting site" as Hollin is a traditional dialect word for holly.
Stanage Cottage used to stand on the site and had links back to the times of Queen Victoria, who also celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, Mr Gordon added.
"The cottage was built for the gamekeeper on the original shooting estate... and then became known as Hugh Thorp's cottage after the people who lived there in the 1800s.
"Hugh's wife lived to her 90s and remembered being at North Lees when Charlotte Brontë visited. So it is a historic site," said Mr Gordon.
Admit One gives 2/10 to Wuthering Heights 2011:
The film started promisingly with the revelation that in this version, Heathcliff is black. This adds a whole level of social complexity that I thought might be interesting. I was wrong. Nothing about this film is interesting. It’s beautifully shot, but that’s not enough to make up for the utterly soulless storytelling and lack of any passion, romance or chemistry between the leads. [...]
Overlong, ponderous and unengaging, this Wuthering Heights does something I thought impossible: it turns one of the world’s classic love stories into turgid melodrama. I left the theatre furious that my Sunday night had been wasted on something so dull. (Kate Larkindale)
Perhaps part of the problem springs from a wrong preconception of the story.

Sugarscape lists ten modern retellings of the classics, such as The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey (inspired by Jane Eyre).
When orphan Gemma Hardy leaves her native home of Iceland to take a job as an au pair on the Orkney Islands, she never expects to find herself drawn into the world of dark and brooding businessman Mr. Sinclair.
Even before their first meeting Gemma is intrigued by the mystery surrounding him and even though they are an unlikely couple, the two are drawn to each other.
But Gemma's biggest trial is about to begin: a journey of passion and betrayal, redemption and discovery, that will lead her to a life is which she's never dreamed. Oh, and of course there's that mad bird living upstairs in the attic... (Linds Foley)
Hathaways of Haworth has bad news concerning one of the Meet the Brontës events. Mi nombre es Luna writes in Spanish about Agnes Grey. Welcome to Brandi's Blog and Club de lectura del Xifra (in Catalan) post about Jane Eyre.


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