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CBS Minnesota recommends Wuthering Heights 2011 while taking for granted that
You’ve seen the Bernard Herrmann opera, now catch the latest cinematic adaptation of Emily Brontë’s dark and bracing, turbulently romantic classic, the book more high school boys hate than any other book ever written, if memory serves. Directed by Andrea Arnold and starring Kaya Scodelario and James Howson as Catherine and Heathcliff, it should wash out all memory of the MTV adaptation from a few years back, if not the Monty Python version. (Eric Henderson)
China Daily highlights the British Film Week at the Cinema Complex MOMA Broadway Cinematheque in Beijing where the film is being screened. Last screening is on Friday, December 14th.

Here's what's coming on the British soap opera Emmerdale, as reported by Digital Spy:
Bob vows to host a Brontë literature night at the pub as he believes it will attract single women. (Daniel Kilkelly)
The Banbridge Leader reports of the latest goings-on in the heart of the Brontë fatherland:
Ghostbusters who have moved in to investigate reports of paranormal activity at Drumballyroney Church may themselves frighten off young couples thinking of tying the knot in the building, a local DUP councillor has claimed.
Councillor David Herron raised his concerns after Ghost Searchers Ireland posted a video on YouTube which purports to show ghostly goings-on at the council-owned church which has links to Rev Patrick Brontë, father of the famous Brontë sisters.
Mr Herron fears the visit by ghost hunters to the premises - where the Rev Brontë is said to have preached before he moved to England with his novelist daughters in 1802 - may drive off potential wedding parties keen to celebrate their nuptials in the popular Brontë homeland area.
Using a device called ‘Frank’s Box’ - which is said to work a bit like a ‘ghost telephone’ - the investigators claim to have chatted with a disemboided voice, supposedly that of Loughbrickland-born Mr Brontë.
Apart from the surreal image of a disembodied Patrick Brontë speaking on the ghost phone, we would like to clarify - although he may do it himself on the ghost phone - that he didn't exactly 'move to England with his novelist daughters' as his daughters were still years away from being born in England. And here's the video in case you're interested.

Books Live discusses writers' pseudonyms.
And, of course, the Brontë sisters all used male pen names for their early work, until the dark ages passed and it became slightly more acceptable for women to be writers. (Paige Nick)
Another clarification here, as all the Brontë books, even The Professor, which was published posthumously, were published under their pseudonyms, long after at least Charlotte Brontë's identity had been revealed.

The Brontë Weather Project has finished Shirley. Les Soeurs Brontë reviews Jane, le renard et moi in French. 100 Books in 100 Weeks posts about Wuthering Heights while Antagony & Ecstasy gives a 6 out of 10 to the 2011 adaptation of the novel. Mi sangre derramada writes in Spanish about Jane Eyre while Reading the Bricks posts about Margot Livesey's retelling The Flight of Gemma Hardy. Marys Book Picks writes about Emma Brown, the novel left unfinished by Charlotte Brontë and finished by Clare Boylan.


  1. Another misconception here. It was perfectly acceptable for women to be novelists. Most novelists were female and many mae novelists used female pseudonyms to sell well. But it was in serious literature that women writers were discriminated against. Even that is exaggerated because Maria Edgworth, Fanny Burney and Mrs Gaskell's identities were known and respected.

  2. So what we have here then in fact is a false video.. just like every other GSI video posted on youtube. They go around buildings and 'assume' theyre talking to 'dead' people and smash glases (by movement of their own hands) after doing so called table tipping. They purport to be speaking to Patrick Bronte, get real. If this is the the type of 'work' they carry out in owned buildings then they should be banned and be made to keep away from buildings that are going to cater for weddings,events etc as not everyone is keen to be around 'spirits'.....