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Julia Callon's Houses of Fiction was an exhibition presented last September (12th September-29th September) at the I·M·A Gallery in Toronto. It contained several Brontë-related photographs:
Houses of Fiction
Images by Julia Callon

Julia Callon is a photo-based artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. A recent graduate of Ryerson University, Julia holds a BFA specializing in photography. She has been included in multiple group exhibitions and publications and had her first solo exhibition in July 2011. Julia’s work consists of the hybridization of photography and constructed small-scale models that both challenge and explore the idea of the photographic image as a representation of reality.

Whether domestic spaces are depicted as places of confinement or refuge, the ‘private sphere’ is an evident preoccupation for many nineteenth-century female writers and a critical concern of the series Houses of Fiction. Often a reflection of women’s ‘place’ in society, the stories depicted in the series demonstrate the metaphorical and literal significance of space; each diptych is also a visual interpretation of the dichotomous representation of women perceived in five separate works. Borrowing partially from literary criticism, this series attempts to synthesize ideas and images through the process of interpretation and adaptation.

(Via Eyresses)


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