Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Bad news in the windfarm front. BBC News reports that
A plan to replace a windfarm near Brontë Country in West Yorkshire with 115m-high turbines has been approved.
Calderdale Council gave permission for the current 23 turbines on Ovenden Moor to be replaced with nine new structures - which are twice as high.
The council said the scheme may yet be called in by the government.
The Brontë Society said it showed "insensitive disregard" for the area's heritage.
The current turbines at the site stand at 48.9m high at the tip of the blade and offer a combined capacity of 9.2 megawatts.
Now Calderdale Council says its planning committee has decided to approve the scheme for the new structures.
These are envisaged as nine, three-bladed turbines with a maximum height of 115m.
The towers are planned to stand 75m high and the blades at a maximum radius of 40m.
The Brontë Sociey has released a press release expressing their frustration with the decision:
Bronte Society expresses disappointment at Ovenden Moor windfarm decision

The Brontë Society wishes to express its disappointment with the decision by Calderdale Council to grant planning permission to Yorkshire Wind Power for the repowering of the windfarm at Ovenden Moor.

We feel that this decision demonstrates a lack of consideration for a unique heritage landscape which has internationally renowned cultural associations.  It shows, also, an insensitive disregard for the negative impact upon the environment and upon the local economy of Haworth and the area known as Brontë Country.

The Society has received a huge level of interest and support from all over the world.  We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and to give an assurance of our continued commitment to Haworth’s cultural and historical significance.


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