Friday, October 19, 2012

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The British actress Daphne Slater (1928-2012) was mostly remembered by her stage career but also for some television done in the fifties, sixties and seventies. Including a six-episodes BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre in 1956 where Stanley Baker played Rochester. The series was telerecorded and, as far as we know, it has been preserved in the BBC archives.

According to The Guardian's obituary, the series was quite a success:
She scored another great success as Jane Eyre, in 1956, with Stanley Baker playing opposite as Mr Rochester. (Michael Coveney)
A brief clip of the production was featured in the Welsh Greats (BBC Wales) episode devoted to Stanley Baker:

EDIT: An obituary in The Guardian.:
Four years later, in another serialisation, she became the small screen's first Jane Eyre, in a performance brimming with passion, with Stanley Baker playing Mr Rochester. (Anthony Hayward) 
 And in The Telegraph.


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