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The Sydney Morning Herald talks about the Judge a book, buy its cover initiative:
[Jason] Benjamin is one of 25 artists to have contributed to an exhibition and silent auction, opening tomorrow, to benefit the Sydney Story Factory, a non-profit creative writing centre for children and teenagers.
The idea was hatched by its volunteers and pursued by Catherine Keenan, a Fairfax journalist and the Story Factory's co-founder, who asked Sydney Morning Herald readers in August to nominate their favourite book. Inspired by the list, artists were asked to create new book covers or artwork. (Linda Morris)
The list included Jane Eyre (number 11) and Wuthering Heights (number 10).  The first one has been chosen by the artist Wendy Sharpe:
Wendy Sharpe Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë. Oil on canvas, 25 x 20 cm (Picture source).
32auctions interviews her:
When and where did you first read Jane Eyre?
I first read 'Jane Eyre' when I was twelve, immediately loved it and did drawings of what I thought all the main characters looked like. There have been seventeen adaptations of Jane Eyre for television and film; what is it about the novel or Jane herself that continues to invite reinterpretation?
It is such a dramatic, exciting story and has so many great scenes. Though "poor and friendless”, Jane Eyre is a very strong, independent woman. I hate it when you see versions where she looks like a fashion model or Hollywood starlet. In this work I’ve attempted to depict the supernatural aspect of the novel.
The Guardian's Film Blog talks about Wuthering Heights 2011's box office:
Among holdover titles, Wuthering Heights saw another big drop, falling 62%. Director Andrea Arnold's previous picture Fish Tank reached £597,000, which looks an elusive target for the Brontë adaptation, currently at £447,000. (Charles Gant)
Glamour Magazine publishes a twitterview with the actress Chloë Grace Moretz:
RT@Kimmiejamms Are you a bookworm like Isabelle & what's your fave book? #GlamChloe
My fave is Wuthering Heights. I love books! (...)

RT @jimdougan: If you could spend a day in the life of any film character, who would you choose? #GlamChloe
Scarlett O'Hara or Cathy from Wuthering Heights.
Another Brontëite is the author Cathy Woodman, according to Novelicious:
What is your favourite Women’s Fiction book of all time and why?
I adore Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, its story of passion, unrequited love and revenge acted out on the wild Yorkshire Moors.  Although the ‘hero’, Heathcliff, is tragically flawed, I have fallen in love with him many times.
My parents chose my name from having read Wuthering Heights just before I was born. 
California Literary Review posts a recap of the latest episode of House M.D., Perils of Paranoia (Season 8, Episode 8):
I know I’m on controversial ground here, but if people read more Victorian literature, they’d be aware that mostly, before vaccines (and decent plumbing), people just died a lot, especially the children. Doesn’t anyone read Jane Eyre anymore? Or the novels of Mrs. Gaskell? (Holly Hunt)
The costume drama cough, indeed.

We don't have a clue of what this descripcion of Rihanna's We Found Love video is saying:
The narrative's romanticization of a passionate, abusive (presumably pseudo-fictional) relationship takes off just like the sparklers in the clip, despite the corny narration and occasional overstyling. It bangs on the proper brain receptors like a council house Wuthering Heights. One last hit of Euro-techno euphoria just as the sun starts setting early for the winter over leafless trees. (Molly Lambert in Grantland)
Melissa Kite in the Daily Mail doesn't like George Osborne's speeches but we think that she likes even less Wuthering Heights 2011:
It was more depressing than the new film version of Wuthering Heights which is two hours of wind howling and rain pelting on window panes as Cathy wails 'Eeeeeacliffe!'  
Niagara This Week announces that the Shaw Festival’s annual film series returning to Niagara-on-the-Lake will screen Jane Eyre 2011 next January 7; Simon Riley describes Jane Eyre 2011 as 'sublime' in The Playlist and Hollywood Chicago thinks that the film is underrated. Other reviews can be found on The Bagpiper Online, Filmtabs (in German) and chris watches movies. LadyLavinia 1932's Blog reviews Jane Eyre 1997 and The Gown posts about Wuthering Heights 2011. Becky's Book Reviews and livrespourvivre revisite/read Jane Eyre, the novel and Yours Beloved Wuthering Heights, the novel. One more entry at the Brontë Weather Project documents its progress.


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