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Nouse reviews Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights, giving it just one star:
Period dramas are supposed to be our forte. The genre is supposed to be what we excel at. So when one hears that the UK film council is making an adaptation of the classic English novel ‘Wuthering Heights,’ a high quality is expected. However, this latest attempt is a disastrous failure and all aspects of the film are to blame.
Andrea Arnold, the woman behind such overrated British dramas as ‘Red Road’ and “Fish Tank” is totally out of her depth with the rolling countryside of Yorkshire as her setting. She seems to have ignored the existence of a tripod in all her films, thinking the handheld look is part of her “original style” which only adds to the queasiness and depressingly slow pace as the camera wonders from meaningless shots of Heathcliff’s foot to a meandering wood louse.
The beginning is drawn out like a broken tap, dripping onto the screen for the thirsty viewer to lap up. Occasionally, a bit of plot is showered onto the audience only to be towled down with pretentious imagery. Two hours in, I was wondering how they would fit in the last dozen or so chapters into the final eight minutes. It turns out that one of the finest stories of English literature was neglected in favour of Arnold’s pondering over the meaning of Heathcliff’s neck, which the camera seemed to be fixated upon. [...]
The film was a limp attempt considering the novel has so much substance and a terrific story. Her attempts to bring a traditional British grittiness clash horribly with the setting and the actors are mostly incapable of understanding their characters fully. This is one of the worst critically acclaimed films of the year. (Tom Bonnington)
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And Live4ever mentions Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights in a review of her album 50 Words For Snow:
There was always a reason to suspect Kate Bush was something more than a singer/songwriter. Her new album settles it. She’s a storyteller. She was always a storyteller; it’s just that she started out using Emily Brontë’s characters.
Now these songs offer something bigger, something freer in form and scope than the operatic ‘Wuthering Heights’ or the breathless ‘Running Up That Hill’ – they are incredible, genre-defying songs, but Bush has never been one for resting on her laurels, so a new sound is necessary. (Simon Moore)
The Daily Pilot features an Etsy shop to watch:
Her son's blue, faded pants from when he was 2? They're ideal for Heathcliff's coat from her Heartthrobs of Literature series. (Lauren Williams)
We haven't found that yet in the shop but hope it will make it there eventually.

Wuthering Heights, the novel, is discussed by Tortoisebook and the city life.. and travels beyond. Mediandidentity posts about Jane Eyre.


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