Monday, July 04, 2011

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The Yorkshire Post shares some trivia about Sowerby Bridge:
Branwell Brontë worked at Sowerby Bridge railway station as assistant clerk before being promoted to clerk in charge at Luddenden Foot.
While the Guardian's Northerner Blog discusses cordyline palms in the North of England:
They were all dead,all over the north, and though one or two readers sent posts trampling on their graves, they did so in the gentle manner which, I'm grateful to say, seems characteristic of Northerner threads. I can see why some people find cordylines alien to the landscape of Captain Cook and the Brontës (although come to think of it, they would probably have made Captain Cook feel at home.) (Martin Wainwright)
The Hindu recommends the compilation book Classic Adventure Stories which, among others, includes an excerpt from Wuthering Heights.

The Brontë Sisters continues posting about Charlotte and Arthur Bell Nicholls's bridal tour. Both Freefalling Me and Aureabostel review Jane Eyre 2011. Satia's Reviews posts about Wide Sargasso Sea. And Clarissa Draper reviews Agnes Grey.

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