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First of all, thank you to the anonymous reader who has alerted us to this Trinity Hospice auction:
Live Auction 2011
Wuthering Heights Film Premier Tickets
Walk the red carpet – this is your chance for 2 people to attend the UK Wuthering Heights film premier. The film starring newcomer James Howson as Heathcliffe (sic), Kaya Scodelario (star of TV show Skins & blockbuster Clash of the Titans) as Catherine Earnshaw. Directed by Oscar winner Andrea Arnold. Produced by Ecosse Films (Sept 2011).
Unfortunately, as we understand it, the auction seems to have already taken place on June 14th. So there are already two lucky winners out there.

As for Jane Eyre 2011, Just Jared and The Daily Telegraph (Australia) post pictures from the Australian premiere of the film.

The Telegraph and Argus has further information on the works being carried out at Haworth:
Further improvements to Haworth’s historic Main Street are expected to be completed this summer.
They will include new seating, plant containers and bins, which will enhance ongoing efforts to restore the road’s surface. Contractors have been removing and relaying large parts of the steep street.
Many of its setts had become damaged and the material in the gaps between the stones had eroded away, leaving hazardous potholes.
The re-surfacing followed fears, raised by members of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council in early 2007, for the future of the setts.
The work on the setts is still to be completed. But Worth Valley district councillors have given the go-ahead to the accompanying part of the programme, which mostly relates to street furniture.
Coun Russell Brown said: “[...] The improvements will mean new seats, placed to highlight the vistas across the valley and up Main Street.
“They will also mean new planters to be used by the Haworth in Bloom group, build-out features, new refuse bins and bollards. “The work should hopefully be finished within the next eight to ten weeks.” (Miran Rahman)
PopMatters discusses Christopher Lane's book The Age of Doubt:
The Age of Doubt does tackle the church’s reaction to Lyell’s claims that the earth is just over 6,000 years old, or to Darwin’s assertions about evolution. But Lane provides no more than the most cursory glance at many of these debates. Far more time is spent discussing the theological implications of Victorian literature, and it’s clear that this is where Lane’s true interest lies. Pages upon pages are spent analyzing the works of the Brontës, George Eliot and Alfred, and Lord Tennyson, among others. (Christopher Holden)
And the Torontoist mentions Jeanette Winterson's history with Jane Eyre:
Jeanette Winterson has a complicated relationship with religion. She has every reason to reject it—in her semi-autobiographical first novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (1985), she explains how her Pentecostal Christian adoptive mother was so evangelical that when she read Jane Eyre aloud to a young Winterson, she changed the ending so that Jane married St. John River and went on to become a missionary. (Laura Godfrey)
Andy Buckle's Film Emporium reviews Jane Eyre 2011 and The Life & Random Thoughts of Indigo Montoya takes a look at several adaptations of the novel. Katarina Thorsen Art Blog is thrilled by Fritz Eichenberg's wood engravings for Jane Eyre. Minleseglede posts in Norwegian about Villette and Literature in Letters discusses the ending of Shirley. YouTube user thomasengqvist has uploaded a video of Anne Brontë's blue plaque at the Grand Hotel, Scarborough.

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